Do you love the look of stained glass, but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your home? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Stained glass isn’t just for Victorian or vintage homes. It can also be used in modern home designs to add privacy, elegance, and natural light.

What’s more, windows are just one of its many uses. It can also be added to interior doors, shower doors, cabinetry, and more. To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’ve shared some examples of how to introduce stained glass into your Fort Collins home in an artistic and intentional way.


Using Residential Stained Glass to Elevate Your Home

Stained glass has been around for centuries and is still popular today. Designers and home decorators love it because of the way it captures and refracts light. Additionally, it can also serve a practical purpose like keeping strangers from looking through your front door or creating privacy for your bathroom. There are countless ways you can incorporate stained glass in your Fort Collins home to boost its style and appearance. Here are just a few:


fort collins stained glass cabinets

Gorgeous Cabinets

Why settle for boring wood cabinets when you can have cabinets like these! We love the way the glass adds light and dimension to this kitchen. What’s more, you can’t see the contents of the cabinets due to the texture, which makes them look more uniform and organized.


residential bathroom fort collins stained glass

Luxurious Bathroom

Imagine looking at this beauty while you relax in a warm bubble bath! Not only does it look stunning, but it also helps keep the bathroom private.


fort collins stained glass sidelights

Entryway Privacy

Are you tired of people always peeking through your sidelights? Create privacy without blocking light. A leaded design like this is perfect for adding privacy to your entryway.


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Martin Faith

Martin's work has been spotlighted on HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, NBC, and numerous media outlets. He is one of the most accomplished stained glass artisans of his time and the proud owner of Fort Collins Stained Glass. He has dedicated his entire life's career to sharing his love of stained glass with others and is an expert on its origin, manufacturing process, and history. In addition to creating custom stained glass for homes and commercial businesses, Martin also acts as a consultant for church restoration projects. Drawing on his own research and ongoing education as well as the skills that he attained while working as a glass artisan in Scotland, Martin helps property owners identify the best styles and options of stained glass for achieving their aesthetic and architectural goals. His company has been in business for over thirty years and has successfully executed over 50,000 projects.