Frank Lloyd Wright is America’s architect. He designed more than 1000 houses and sought to make buildings functional yet beautiful. He incorporated artistic elements into his designs and always managed to blend nature and man-made items in a way that made the house feel like a part of nature itself. But his contributions don’t end with architecture. In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass set the tone for interior design and future stained glass creations for decades to come.

It Begins with a Fascination with Japan

Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass creations from his early days mimic Japanese aesthetic. It makes use of simple clean lines and strives to separate the outdoors from the inside of the home as unobtrusively as possible. His rich earth tones allow light to filter in and create an air of the natural world in any room they’re installed in. He loved the way traditional Japanese architecture opened into the natural world and used his windows to mimic the effect.

His Tastes Changed Over Time

Like any artist, Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass designs changed over time. He still used the bold lines of lead to add visual elements to the windows, but he started to switch his designs up. Instead of simple Japanese aesthetic, he started creating more intricate windows featuring more detail, smaller pieces of glass, and more vibrant colors.

In Modern Architecture

Though Wright passed away in 1959, his stained glass styles remain timeless. And many homeowners want to incorporate the designs into their own homes. Doing so increases your home’s resale value and improves the look and feel of any room instantly.

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