For hotels in the Fort Collins area, deciding which stained glass is right for your commercial establishment is the key to design success. This is especially true for historic hotels, where keeping an antique vibe is critical. You want your stained glass to mirror the authenticity of your throwback theme. This helps you continue to draw in visitors who come to you for that very reason. We here at Fort Collins Stained Glass have a lot of experience in this type of stained glass. So, we have collated some of our most popular vintage looks for hotels and even vintage homes here in Fort Collins to use as inspiration

 Historic Stained Glass Ideas For Fort Collins Hotels

 1. Mackintosh Stained Glass: The iconic designs from artists Charles Rennie Mackintosh include the Mackintosh Rose also called the Glasgow Rose. It is incredibly recognizable and is featured prominently in many works of art worldwide. However, Mackintosh moved easily from design style to design style, so any stained glass work mirroring his works will fit well in your Fort Collins hotel or hospitality venue. 

 2. Greene & Greene Stained Glass: A lot of architecture here in Colorado was made at the turn of the last century–right around the time, the Greene and Greene business was thriving. This is why the Greene and Greene or Craftsman style stained glass will fit perfectly into historic hotels here in Fort Collins. The designs of these two talented brothers have never gone out of style and can be seen in homes and businesses all over Colorado. A unique native beauty appearance–sometimes geometric, sometimes with flowing lines– makes up to these types of stained glass windows. But there is always incredible attention to detail and color. 

 3. Prairie Style Stained Glass: No mid-century modern hotel would look right without Prairie-style stained glass. Straight from the mind of one of the world’s greatest designers, Frank Lloyd Wright, this type of stained glass includes architectural and straight lines with geometric shapes. A lot of prairie Style stained-glass windows use clear glass with pops of color. But, if adding privacy to your Fort Collins hotel is the goal, we are happy to add striking textured glass or more opaque colors.  

 For more information on stained glass to fit in the design of your Fort Collins historic hotel or home, contact us at Fort Collins Stained Glass today!