Fort Collins, Colorado is a rapidly growing city on Colorado’s Front Range and the home of the well-regarded Colorado State University along with the beautiful Fort Collins Lincoln Center. Residents love getting out into the mountains, of course, but are also interested in art, culture, and decorating their homes, which is where we come in.

bathroom stained glass window ft collinsWith our custom stained glass, Fort Collins residents can make homes and offices more stylish, more unique, and much more beautiful. Stained glass is an art form that actually adds value to a home when it is installed into a window or a door.

Our custom designed and handcrafted stained glass can be made in absolutely any size or shape. We work one on one with Fort Collins customers to ensure they are getting stained glass they will never grow tired of enjoying. Because we do custom work, we take into consideration the client’s décor, the architecture and period of the home, and the client’s personal tastes. With custom stained glass, Fort Collins homes and offices can have an upgraded high-end designer look, whatever style they choose.

Custom Design Process for Fort Collins Stained Glass
All it takes to get the ball rolling is to make an appointment for a no-cost design consultation in your home or office. Along with our residential stained glass, we also create commercial stained glass for Fort Collins restaurants and pubs, hotels and B&Bs, theaters and cultural centers, shops and salons. We create stunning religious stained glass as well for any Fort Collins house of worship. Please contact us for more details.

clear spend stained glass ft collinsDuring the design consultation, the client can discuss ideas, look at samples and photos, and choose the styles, designs, and patterns they love best. Armed with a sketch to scale, our designer returns to our showroom and the work begins.

With our custom stained glass, Fort Collins customers are receiving the highest possible quality product, handcrafted by one of our specially trained craftsmen. We use CAD software to perfect the pattern and purchase the highest possible quality materials available on the market today. Then our craftsmen go to work, cutting and assembling each piece of glass individually.
Our stained glass takes a bit longer to build, but the beautiful results are well worth it. Where in your homes would you like stained glass, Fort Collins! What’s your favorite stained glass style?

For more information about our gorgeous stained glass, Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, please contact us today. We’d love to earn your business. We’d love to set you up with that no-cost, in-home design consultation to get the ball rolling. And we’d love to turn your stained glass dreams into stained glass realities.


Retail Stained Glass In Fort Collins

Stained glass is often thought of as something that goes in churches, mosques, and synagogues, which makes sense since it is great at giving that lovely ethereal feel to sanctuaries, chapels, and temples.  Also, people think of stained glass as something decorative for homes but functional as well. While there is no doubt stained glass is great for either of these applications, as it turns out, a new trend is emerging which blends both the beautiful form and masterful function of stained glass and that is–stained glass as a unique accent piece in retail construction projects.  This brilliant application of stained glass is showing up everywhere around the country and proving that stained glass has once again reinvented itself. It is no longer a design element for very old structures or religious buildings but rather, something that dovetails wonderfully into the modern world of commerce as a well. It makes sense since, stained glass grabs attention, adds greatly to customer experience and truly stands out in a world where standing out is a key to success.  Whether you own a small store in Old Towne or manage a major retail chain on Harmony Road, stained glass on your retail location is a smart and beautiful way to get ahead in the retail game.

Stained Glass For Branding Retail Stores In Fort Collins

As a branding tool stained glass is a great way to get your brand the attention it needs to stand out while setting yourself apart from the rest of the retail world.  Our stained glass here at Fort Collins Stained Glass is anything but standard because it is custom made to your specifications. In fact, we are able to make any part of your brand kit (color, logo, font) into a gorgeous custom window or art piece for your Fort Collins retail location.  Today’s stained glass for retail applications is very modern and unlike anything you may have seen before. Unlike the religious stained glass, you may picture in your mind, retail stained glass is bold, bright, abstract and amazing and is a sure fire way to stand out from everyone else.  Since these type of installations are still uncommon but no less stunning your customers and those passing by will surely remember your location. Furthermore, stained glass in Fort Collins retail spaces gives a location that coveted modern feel, which is a great way to attract patrons looking for the latest and greatest shopping experience.

Stained Glass As  A Decorative And Functional Element In Retail Settings

Stained glass, while a truly standout decorative element for a store, is also a friend to the consumer.  in areas that get a lot of traffic, it is more than just a pretty window but a way to add to the experience once they are in your store. You see, stained glass, as lovely as it is, is also very functional as well.  These types of windows allow for full or partial privacy for the interiors of your stores. Meaning your customers can enjoy the experience your curate for them free from curious, outside glances but in no way closed off from the ambiance of the hustle and bustle around them. Plus, the effect you get from the light through the glass is wonderful for displaying your wares.


At Fort Collins Stained Glass, we will work directly with you to create a modern and outstanding stained glass masterpiece specifically for your retail location.  Contact us directly to discuss and set up a design consultation for your new stained glass installation.