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Home Stained Glass Elements and Styles

With so many stunning options for stained glass windows, it can be hard to decide which one is perfect for your home. Thankfully the specialized process of creating custom designs out of the few distinct components used in these works is something that we professional designers specialize in!

If you’re looking to incorporate a stained glass window into your home, this post is for you. We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most popular elements and detailing how they can enhance the design and aesthetic of your space. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have all of the knowledge necessary to determine which features are right for your custom stained glass window!
Stained Glass for Fort Collins Homes
Stained glass is an ideal way to add a timeless, enchanting style to your home. Whether you favour antique styles that feature spiritual symbols or contemporary motifs with abstract shapes and vivid colours – the choices are truly limitless! Not only does stained glass offer exquisite aesthetics, but it also offers privacy whilst allowing natural sunlight into your living space simultaneously. Different materials can be used in creating these pieces of art ranging from rich hues , leaded cames as well as dazzling tiles. You can even commission custom creations specifically designed for your unique urban abode!
Why Stained Glass Works Well in Fort Collins Homes
With its timeless allure, stained glass is making a triumphant return in contemporary Fort Collins residences. Adding an air of sophistication to any space, this type of artistry can be effectively utilized for doors and windows; creating a cozy setting with its brilliant hues while adding a touch of class.f

Not only does stained glass provide a visually [...]

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Unique Stained Glass Applications

The first thing that springs to mind when you hear the phrase stained glass is windows or even doors. However, there are numerous kinds of stained glass. Because we are one of the country’s most prolific stained glass companies, nobody understands this better than us. Over the course of our 20 years in business, we have created many different kinds of stained glass products for a variety of purposes. Read on for some amazing stained glass ideas.
Unique Stained Glass Applications
Family Crest Stained Glass: Family crest stained glass is frequently placed on walls in a family home. They’re generally adorned with a family coat of arms or crest iconography. In addition, the overall design includes the family name and sometimes a motto.

Stained Glass Lampshades: Tiffany Studios is credited with some of the most well-known stained glass lampshades. Stained glass lampshades, on the other hand, are still very common. In Fort Collins, we’ve manufactured stained glass lamp shades for homes and enterprises. They usually are hung in commercial dining areas and recreational areas, however elegant stained glass home fixtures are an excellent decor element.

Stained Glass Decorative Panels: Stained glass decorative panels are quite popular at the moment. They’re hung in windows or used as room dividers over counters and nooks. The nicest aspect about these panels is that they’re usually very artistic and made specifically for your Fort Collins home’s décor.  We have made several of these types of designs and they become cherished features once installed.

Stained Glass Wedding Panels: Stained glass backdrops are a fantastic method to capture the perfect shots for your wedding ceremony. These might look like an independent panel or one that is hung behind where the bride and groom [...]

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How Long Does Stained Glass Last?

Stained glass is a long-lasting material that can be passed down through several generations. Stained glass produced in the twentieth century will typically survive 80-100 years before the lead begins to break and jeopardize the window’s survival. However, as a stained glass owner, there are certain things you may do to keep your window functioning for as long as possible. Fort Collins
Caring for Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass Windows
It’s a good idea to consider your stained glass window as an artistic work of art. As these valuable elements in houses mature, they acquire value, and you want to keep them looking as great as possible for as long as possible. The secret to your stained glass’s longevity is regular maintenance. Here are some pointers from us to you on how to care for your home’s lovely and precious stained glass.
Prolong the Life of Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass With Regular Cleanings
Regular cleaning is critical for the long life and continual brightness of stained glass. Grime will accumulate on stained glass, especially because this sort of glass typically has more texture that catches dirt. You may prevent build-up by lightly dusting your home’s stained glass once a month. Deep cleanings should be left to the experts.
Prolong the Life of Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass with Regular Professional Cleanings
It’s critical to have your stained glass cleaned by a professional once a year. This is especially true if you’re someone who neglects to clean their windows on a regular basis. A professional has the proper tools and cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean your windows. They will also conduct an in-depth examination of your glass to look for problems [...]

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    3 Reasons to Install Privacy Stained Glass in Your Fort Collins Home

3 Reasons to Install Privacy Stained Glass in Your Fort Collins Home

In order to make your home comfortable, productive, and secure, finding the right privacy solution is key. Unwanted views into your property can lead to numerous problems whether it’s from nosy neighbors or random onlookers from the street. While there are a variety of privacy solutions available, stained glass delivers a specialty solution that’s versatile and multipurpose. When it comes to optimizing curb appeal, decor, and privacy, leaded glass and stained glass are the ideal investment. Here are three reasons why you should install privacy stained glass in your Fort Collins home.
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    What Do The Stained Glass Windows On Your Fort Collins Church Signify?

What Do The Stained Glass Windows On Your Fort Collins Church Signify?

Stained Glass And Its Symbolic Meanings
We are lucky enough here in Fort Collins, to have quite a bit of lovely stained glass. All around our wonderful city, churches, and chapels large and small, have some of the most outstanding stained glass in the country to grace our houses of God. But, what many people may not know is–stained glass here in Fort Collins and around the world actually has extremely deep meaning in its symbols and colors. In fact, most stained glass on churches is symbolic of other deeper spiritual concepts. So, besides being awe-inspiring, stained glass has meaning too. If you want to understand what the stained glass in your Fort Collins church represents, read below to find out more.
Why Symbols And Colors Were Used On Stained Glass
In churches here in Fort Collins, and around the world too, the symbols on wood carvings, tapestries and stained glass have meaning. While stained glass windows were made to be magnificent, they also had a dual purpose as an education tool. In the Gothic times, poor people were unable to read, so the churches by using pictures, symbols, and colors, were able to educate the commoners by using stained glass much like a picture book. In fact, stained glass windows were called “ The Bible of the Poor” due to the fact they were so heavily involved in instructing illiterate peasants. However, even after reading became the norm, these symbols, and colors, already established in their meaning, continued until this day to be used to convey specific spiritual messages.
Common Stained Glass Symbols And Colors And Their Meaning
Jesus:  Lifelike images, crosses, lambs, shepherds

The Holy Spirit: flames, winds, a white dove

The Saints: a [...]

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    The History of Stained Glass: From Early Beginnings to Present Day Fort Collins

The History of Stained Glass: From Early Beginnings to Present Day Fort Collins

Today, stained glass windows are very common place in churches, temples, and other religious buildings. And some people even choose to add stained glass to their home for privacy reasons. But have you ever wondered where stained glass windows came from? After all, what inspired artists to begin creating windows out of colored glass? And how did a tradition that gained popularity in Europe make its way to Fort Collins, where stained glass can be seen today?
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    Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Fort Collins Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Fort Collins Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Fort Collins homeowners agree that it’s always a great time to invest more into their homes, elevate their curb appeal, and take advantage of the current state of Fort Collins’ real estate market. Have you been looking for a simple, starter renovation project for your Fort Collins home? Have you been considering stained glass but aren’t quite sure where to place it? Here are our top favorite places to install stained glass in any Fort Collins home. We hope to inspire your next home renovation!
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Art Deco Stained Glass Windows for Your Fort Collins Homes

Art Deco was a popular international art movement that took place between 1925 and the 1940s, affecting both decorative arts and the visual arts. At the time, Art Deco was perceived as elegant, glamorous, functional, and modern. Art Deco is also known for its decorative linear symmetry as well as its mathematical and geometric roots. Art Deco style stained glass windows are the perfect addition to any Fort Collins home, featuring modern clean lines and symmetrical artwork.
Design Process of Art Deco Stained Glass Windows for Your Fort Collins Home
Art Deco has always been one of our favorite styles of stained glass we love creating. We’ve had a lot of success over the years creating our own version of Art Deco stained glass. Our portfolio features hundreds of these custom pieces of Art Deco style stained glass, so whether you’re looking to duplicate something we’ve previously created with your own personal twist or you need some inspiration in creating your own symmetrical art piece, we’ve got you covered!

Our experienced, local team of glass artisans begin the design process with an in-home consultation. Our stained glass experts will work with you every step of the way from original design idea to installation. We also have the latest in rendering software, enabling us to create a finalized 3D picture using images of your Fort Collins home and the Art Deco stained glass designs. This allows you Fort Collins homeowners to make the most educated decision, creating a quicker, smoother design process. With endless color, style, and texture options, we can help you create the perfect Art Deco stained glass windows for your Fort Collins home.

Benefits of Art Deco Stained Glass in Your Fort Collins Home

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    Basement & Window Well Stained Glass for Your Fort Collins Home

Basement & Window Well Stained Glass for Your Fort Collins Home

Creating the right look for your home can be difficult when you have to deal with an unattractive window well or basement window. While they serve a functional purpose of letting in extra light, these windows often provide a view of nothing but a drab brick wall or empty sky and do little to enhance the aesthetics of your living space. But why let this drag you down when you can simple add a basement or window well stained glass panel to your Fort Collins home?
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    Stained & Leaded Glass Entryway Windows For Your Fort Collins Home

Stained & Leaded Glass Entryway Windows For Your Fort Collins Home

The founding of Fort Collins dates all the way back to the 1880’s and as such, houses in all varieties of architectural eras speckle the city’s neighborhoods. From modern stunners to classic bungalows and mid-century ranches to Denver squares, the design landscape is delightfully diverse in this Colorado gem. No matter what style of house you own, one design element that ubiquitously fits on every house is stained and leaded glass entryway doors.

Create Your Fort Collins Dream Home With Stained And Leaded Windows

Entryways and doors are the first impressions of your home, therefore a good place to start customizing it as well. These beauties will welcome guests into your home in a style all your own. At Fort Collins Stained Glass we will accommodate any style of window or custom design you dream up. You can design your entryway using your personalized stained and leaded glass window as a centerpiece or as an element to compliment your existing design. We have over 600 color options, numerous bevel options, a variety of texture elements as well as, highly skilled local craftsman to make your dream a reality. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and Fort Collins Stained Glass has designers to help you with that too!

Stained and Leaded Glass Entryway Windows Increase Curb Appeal & Home Value

Another benefit of adding stained and leaded entryway windows is curb appeal. One of the most visible elements on any home is the front door. When you add a prismatic pop of color to your entryway doors, you enchant people to take a second look. When it comes time to sell your home, the ROI of curb [...]

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