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    5 Stunning Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Fort Collins Homes

5 Stunning Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Fort Collins Homes

When people think about stained glass, they usually think it belongs in commercial or religious properties. However, an underrated place to invest in stained glass is homes. This gives homeowners the opportunity to boost property value, improve curb appeal, and much more. While there are so many ways you can incorporate stained glass into your home, one of the favorites is the bathroom. Enjoy full benefits ranging from better privacy to stunning art. Here are five stunning bathroom stained glass windows for your Fort Collins home.
Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Fort Collins Home

Having a sliding window gives you the chance to determine the level of privacy you need with either leaded or stained glass. Either replace both panels or just one. This simple leaded design helps block unwanted views while maintaining optical clarity above.

Stained glass can be tailor-made for any window shape including arched windows. This leaded design features bevels and simple linework that complements the existing bathroom design well.

For the ultimate privacy solution, stained glass offers an excellent option. This fully colored panel blocks views, maintains natural sunlight, and is a one-of-a-kind art piece that brings amazing contrast compared to the existing white bathroom.



The subtle pops of color in this Mission-style leaded glass window are tasteful and really bring the entire bathroom together. The combination of leaded and stained glass is great for addressing privacy and decor.

For those looking to really create a modern escape, this bathroom screams that with matching leaded windows. Enjoy better privacy along with complementary design.
Work With Fort Collins’ Premium Bathroom Stained Glass Artist
Fort Collins Stained Glass is proud to be the premium bathroom stained glass artist serving the northern Colorado area. Our team is [...]

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5 Bathroom Stained Glass Ideas You Will Want To Copy

Natural light in a home bathroom is everyone’s dream. Not just a little but, a lot of it streaming through your windows each day. However, for privacy reasons, sometimes natural light gets blocked out by curtains, drapes, and blinds. Privacy solutions in bathrooms have become the norm here in Fort Collins as the population boom brings neighbors closer together than ever before/. This is making homeowners look for privacy solutions for places like their bathrooms and other places where they never had to before. The problem is–most privacy measures take away natural light. Not Stained glass though! Which is why it is the perfect solution to this issue of bathroom privacy. The best part about stained glass is that gives plenty of coverage but is also incredibly beautiful–have you ever said that about a shade? With stained glass you do more than just stop wayward glances–you add a delightful design element for your family, friends, and guests to enjoy–for decades to come. While stained glass is customizable to whatever your imagination comes us with, below are 5 gorgeous ideas for privacy stained glass on your Fort Collins home–that you will, for sure, want to copy!
Trending Bathroom Stained Glass
1. Go Au Naturale!

Nature themes are in more than ever before anywhere in a home! Bathroom stained glass is no exception. But not the way you may think. A trending look is to use actual retro styles from the prairie style to the MacIntosh era. Like any good style, these two have never gone out of style. What’s old is new again and for good reason.

2. Stained Glass For Modern Flower Power

Flowers are a common theme in bathroom stained glass. However, using vintage flowers mixed [...]

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    Stained Glass Is Beautiful In Nearly Any Room And Affordable Too!

Stained Glass Is Beautiful In Nearly Any Room And Affordable Too!

Stained Glass For Your Fort Collins Home Renovations
Spring is here and summer is on its way and you know what that means right? Spring cleaning, post-winter repairs and, of course, renovations. As the weather warms, all those home improvement projects you have been thinking about all winter long and unable to do are piled up and ready to go. When doing interior renovations to your home this spring and summer, and considering the different type of decor elements, a great addition to any room in the house that will both increase your Fort Collins home’s value and have your home looking more stylish and gorgeous than ever is –stained glass windows. It is lovely, it goes in any part of your house and best of all it won’t break the bank!
Areas In Your Home For Stained Glass
Stained Glass For Kitchen’s: Always great for privacy and as unique and charming cabinet doors.

Stained Glass For Bathrooms: Another great room for stained glass privacy applications and a great place for a bright decorative stained glass panel.

Stained Glass For Entryways: A beautiful way to welcome guests to your home and also adds wonderful curb appeal as well.
Fort Collin’s Stained Glass Craftsmen
Regardless of where you put stained glass, it is sure to be a cherished addition to your Fort Collins’s home. The most important decision you make about your stained glass is not the color or style though, it is who you have created your one of a kind masterpiece. A well designed, well crafted stained glass mirror will fit perfectly into the existing window frame of your home, reflect light stunningly and last 80-100 years before needing repair. At Fort Collin’s stained glass [...]

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    Stained Glass Bathroom Windows Add Privacy & Elegance to Your Fort Collins Home

Stained Glass Bathroom Windows Add Privacy & Elegance to Your Fort Collins Home

If you live in a neighborhood in which the homes are built closely together, then maintaining your privacy may be a concern for your family. If there’s nothing but a short wall and a small side yard separating you and your neighbors, it’s probably pretty easy for them to see into your home. This can create a feeling of discomfort in certain rooms where privacy is a necessity, like your bathroom. But covering up your bathroom windows with blinds or curtains may make the room seem dark and small. That’s why you should consider installing stained glass bathroom windows from Fort Collins Stained Glass. Stained glass bathroom windows allow the natural light to enter your home while still creating a high level of privacy. They are also beautiful and elegant in design and can serve as interesting focal point among your bathroom decor.

Create a Luxurious Atmosphere for Your Bathroom
Bathroom stained glass windows can allow you to relax in comfort and style. Imagine soaking in a warm bubble bath after a long day of work while gazing at a gorgeous piece of art. The beauty of stained glass is so overwhelming that it makes the rest of the world melt away as you enjoy the splendor of its intricate detail and captivating colors. By installing stained glass in your bathroom windows, you can have both the luxury and privacy that you’ve always wanted for your home.

Experience Endless Design Options
Your bathroom stained glass windows can be created with any style or appearance that you desire. Create a relaxing spa like atmosphere with a simple, modern design. Or make a bold statement with an antique window that speaks to your refined taste and distinct [...]

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Beautiful bathroom stained glass

Do you want an elegant, stand out bathroom? One that is truly worth of the expression, “throne room?” Do you want to put some decorative accents into your bathroom that will make it absolutely stunning? With bathroom stained glass, Fort Collins homeowners have just the ticket to create an unforgettably beautiful bathroom décor.
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