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    Case Study: Using Stained Glass for Privacy and Style in Staircase

Case Study: Using Stained Glass for Privacy and Style in Staircase

Most two-story homes have windows located by their staircase to let in natural sunlight and brighten up both floors of the home. One of our clients loved the large staircase windows in their home for this very reason but experienced significant privacy issues since their neighbor’s home were located right outside these windows. When they started looking around for privacy solutions, the first choices that came up were window treatments. Window treatments weren’t the right solution for them since they didn’t want to sacrifice their natural sunlight. Instead, they reached out to us for a privacy stained glass solution.
The Benefits of Privacy Stained Glass for Residential Staircases
The large floor to ceiling windows located in front of their stairway caused major privacy issues for these homeowners. They always had to worry about what they were wearing when going downstairs to grab something and didn’t like the level of discomfort this privacy concern brought. Since they didn’t want to compromise the beautiful sunlight that lit up their home and stunning spiral staircase, privacy stained glass was the perfect option for them. They created an elegant custom leaded glass design that effectively blocked unwanted views while actually enhancing their curb appeal and property value. Now they can enjoy their home without worrying about what nosy onlookers and neighbors see.
Work with Fort Collins’ Preferred Privacy Stained Glass Studio
Fort Collins Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred privacy stained glass studio serving the Colorado area. We’ve created numerous privacy stained glass windows to help homeowners improve comfort and beauty within their homes. Privacy stained glass offers both beauty and function, providing a unique solution that windows treatments can’t. Work with our stained glass artisans [...]

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Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass to Visit In Europe

With the holidays upon us–some people are planning to jet set for the holidays and a trip to Europe to soak in some culture is a popular trip. If you are one of those people–congrats to you! There are of course a lot of things to do in Europe and one thing we suggest, being the company of a European immigrant, is to check out the stained glass. We absolutely adore the stained glass culture abroad and it is something that greatly influences our work. Of course, we are a tab partial to Scottish works of stained glass art–because that is where our owner Martin Short learned the craft. But we also know there is amazing stained glass across the world and all over Europe. So, on your European travels this holiday season, should you be near any of the locations below, be sure to check out some of what we consider the most notable stained glass these areas have to offer.


The Augsburg Cathedral: A Romanesque church built in the late 11th Century these windows are one of the most ancient examples in situ are. Containing portraits of Moses, Daniel and other biblical figures prophets are elegantly depicted surrounded by marvelous marble borders. 


Christ of Wissembourg: Another example of ancient stained glass this work of art was also constructed in the late 11th Century. While not as magestic as much cathedral stained glass–the rich history makes it something worth seeing. An excellent example of why stained glass is often called the “poor man’s bible”, this gorgeous portrait of Christ likely came from a Benedictine abbey in the north of Alsace and was likely used to tell the story of Christ’s love. It now sits in [...]

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What Gives Stained Glass Its Color?

The stained glass manufacturing process can be facinating– from delicate glass painting to creating pieces with varying textures, there’s a lot of production that goes into every stained glass window. Customers looking into creating their own custom stained glass have a lot of options to choose from in regards to color, style, texture, and design. Have you ever considered what gives stained glass its color? The colored glass manufacturing process is very interesting and may actually surprise you. Here’s how you make colored glass:
The Stained Glass Color Production Process
Glass is created through a mixture of sand and scraps of broken waste glass, called cullet. Any glass that’s recycled for glass creation is referred to as cullet. When cullet and sand are sifted then placed into a furnace, a variety of additives are combined for glass creation. The furnace is heated to over 2900 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the cullet and sand to reach their melting points. The ancient Romans and Egyptians discovered that adding certain ingredients to this molten hot mixture could create colored glass. Gerber, an 8th-century chemist, discovered that metal oxides were the key to creating colorful glass. With today’s advancements in technology, we now utilize metal oxides, sulfides, and other compounds to create different colored glass options. Here are some of the more common additives required for developing colored glass:

Cobalt oxide: blue/violet
Gold chloride: red
Cadmium sulfide: yellow
Sulfur: amber/yellow
Antimony oxide: white
Chromic oxide: emerald green
Uranium oxide: green/fluorescent yellow

Work with Fort Collin’s Number One Source for Colorful Stained Glass
Fort Collins Stained Glass is honored to be the number one source for colorful stained glass in the Colorado area. [...]

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    3 Amazing Historic Stained Glass Looks for Hotels In Fort Collins

3 Amazing Historic Stained Glass Looks for Hotels In Fort Collins

For hotels in the Fort Collins area, deciding which stained glass is right for your commercial establishment is the key to design success. This is especially true for historic hotels, where keeping an antique vibe is critical. You want your stained glass to mirror the authenticity of your throwback theme. This helps you continue to draw in visitors who come to you for that very reason. We here at Fort Collins Stained Glass have a lot of experience in this type of stained glass. So, we have collated some of our most popular vintage looks for hotels and even vintage homes here in Fort Collins to use as inspiration
 Historic Stained Glass Ideas For Fort Collins Hotels
 1. Mackintosh Stained Glass: The iconic designs from artists Charles Rennie Mackintosh include the Mackintosh Rose also called the Glasgow Rose. It is incredibly recognizable and is featured prominently in many works of art worldwide. However, Mackintosh moved easily from design style to design style, so any stained glass work mirroring his works will fit well in your Fort Collins hotel or hospitality venue. 

 2. Greene & Greene Stained Glass: A lot of architecture here in Colorado was made at the turn of the last century–right around the time, the Greene and Greene business was thriving. This is why the Greene and Greene or Craftsman style stained glass will fit perfectly into historic hotels here in Fort Collins. The designs of these two talented brothers have never gone out of style and can be seen in homes and businesses all over Colorado. A unique native beauty appearance–sometimes geometric, sometimes with flowing lines– makes up to these types of stained glass windows. But there is always incredible attention to detail and color. 

 3. Prairie [...]

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    Three Benefits of Restoring Historical Stained Glass Windows for Commercial Spaces in Fort Collins

Three Benefits of Restoring Historical Stained Glass Windows for Commercial Spaces in Fort Collins

Commercial spaces always require effective visual marketing solutions to really bring in guests and differentiate their business. Many of these commercial spaces in the Fort Collins area have beautiful historic stained glass features that do just that. These historic stained glass windows and panels can often become beautiful photo opportunities for guests, adding more value to your property. In order to ensure that these features stay in great condition and are able to continue offering all these wonderful benefits, restoration is required once deterioration is evident.
The Advantages of Historic Stained Glass Restoration for Fort Collins Commercial Properties

Improved property value: Restored stained glass has a significantly higher value than unrestored stained glass. Proper preservation ensures optimal antique value, helping improve your overall property value. Leaving your antique stained glass unrestored can substantially impact your property’s overall value.
Better product longevity: A proper restoration can add at least a century, oftentimes more, to your stained glass’ lifespan. Left unrestored, your stained glass will deteriorate beyond repair and eventually need replacement. Restoration is the only way to preserve your commercial stained glass feature for future generations.
Cost-effective solution: While restoration is a significant financial commitment, it is more cost-effective than replacement. The sooner you start the restoration process, the more money you’ll save. If you wait too long, the cost of restoration can exceed the cost for replacement.

Work with Fort Collins’ Number One Commercial Stained Glass Restoration Studio
Fort Collins Stained Glass is honored to be the number one commercial stained glass restoration studio serving the Colorado area. We’ve worked with numerous commercial clients with their stained glass restoration projects, offering custom solutions for all of their individual needs. We always offer free on-site consultations.

For more [...]

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    How to get started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Retail Spaces in Fort Collins

How to get started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Retail Spaces in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is an older town here in Colorado as such, some stores here have stained glass dating back to the early 1900s. Stained glass from this era is due for restoration right about now. Why? Because stained glass, which was made at the turn and early 20th century, was only built to last about 80-100 years before needing to be restored. If you have stained glass in your FoCo retail location, this could mean two things. First, it could be time to get your retail location’s stained glass repaired if you want it to last another 100 years. Secondly, the stained glass in your Fort Collins store may have historical value. This value is definitely something to consider when contemplating the value and cost of repairs. But historical restoration is complicated. So we have outlined where to get started below. 
Determining If Your Retail Stained Glass Needs Restoration
Examine Your Retail Stained Glass
The first step on your restoration journey is to take a look at your stained glass and its superficial appearance. Look to see if there are any chips, cracks or missing pieces. Also, examine the caming (the lead strips that connect the glass panels). Is it chipped and brittle? Or does it look saggy? These are all telltale signs that the stained glass in your Fort Collins retail spot may require repair. 
Have A Professional Access Your Stained Glass
The next thing to do is to have a stained glass professional do a full assessment of your stained glass. They will take a much deeper and methodical look at the glass, leading and, most importantly, the structural elements. They will be able to see things you may not have an [...]

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    Creative Ways Stained Glass Windows Can Add Sophistication to Fort Collins Homes

Creative Ways Stained Glass Windows Can Add Sophistication to Fort Collins Homes

Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the future or you’ve found your forever home, making improvements around the house is a great way to improve equity. Home renovations offer a wonderful ROI that can really offer so many benefits. Rather than take on a huge home renovation project that can be inconvenient to the whole family, little projects can have a similar effect. Finding creative ways to add stained glass throughout your home can be rewarding. This is an ideal way to add sophistication to your Fort Collins home.
The Advantages of Sophisticated Stained Glass for Your Fort Collins Home
Sophisticated stained glass can be added to any room of your home to complement your existing decor and design. It is great for any room that needs a little something extra and can serve as a functional, beautiful piece as well. Stained glass can complement entryways, kitchens, dining rooms, basements, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, cabinetry, and much more. Sophisticated stained glass can double as a privacy solution for your property. There are many different glass choices for obstructing unwanted views into your property, adding functionality for your home. Keep unwanted looks out of your home without the need for tacky window treatments that also obstruct natural sunlight.
Work with Fort Collin’s Preferred Sophisticated Stained Glass Studio
Fort Collins Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred sophisticated stained glass studio serving the Northern Colorado area. Work with our team of stained glass artisans to achieve that level of sophistication throughout your home. We also provide free in-home consultations to better understand your space and intended decor. We’re happy to sit down with you to sketch out your ideas and create an incredible [...]

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5 Bathroom Stained Glass Ideas You Will Want To Copy

Natural light in a home bathroom is everyone’s dream. Not just a little but, a lot of it streaming through your windows each day. However, for privacy reasons, sometimes natural light gets blocked out by curtains, drapes, and blinds. Privacy solutions in bathrooms have become the norm here in Fort Collins as the population boom brings neighbors closer together than ever before/. This is making homeowners look for privacy solutions for places like their bathrooms and other places where they never had to before. The problem is–most privacy measures take away natural light. Not Stained glass though! Which is why it is the perfect solution to this issue of bathroom privacy. The best part about stained glass is that gives plenty of coverage but is also incredibly beautiful–have you ever said that about a shade? With stained glass you do more than just stop wayward glances–you add a delightful design element for your family, friends, and guests to enjoy–for decades to come. While stained glass is customizable to whatever your imagination comes us with, below are 5 gorgeous ideas for privacy stained glass on your Fort Collins home–that you will, for sure, want to copy!
Trending Bathroom Stained Glass
1. Go Au Naturale!

Nature themes are in more than ever before anywhere in a home! Bathroom stained glass is no exception. But not the way you may think. A trending look is to use actual retro styles from the prairie style to the MacIntosh era. Like any good style, these two have never gone out of style. What’s old is new again and for good reason.

2. Stained Glass For Modern Flower Power

Flowers are a common theme in bathroom stained glass. However, using vintage flowers mixed [...]

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  • entryway stained glass fort collins
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    Create an Inviting Entryway Using Stained Glass in Fort Collins Homes

Create an Inviting Entryway Using Stained Glass in Fort Collins Homes

When it comes to home decor, we tend to obsess a lot over the interior – the colors of the walls, types of furniture, etc. Meanwhile, the exterior gets neglected when in reality, it needs attention the most. Not everyone sees the inside of your home, unless they’re your guests or family, but even strangers see the outside. It’s important to pay just as much attention the exterior as the interior, if not more. One area of the exterior that’s often neglected is the entryway. This is a shame because it’s one of the most important features of a home. Your entryway is the gateway to the rest of your home. Creating an inviting entryway can make a world of difference in how people feel when they come over to visit and their perception of your home. Entryway stained glass provides Fort Collins homeowners with a simple, yet elegant solution for enhancing their entryway. Here are a few different ways you can use it to improve the aesthetic appearance of your exterior.
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Why Is There Stained Glass in Churches?

Stained glass windows are by far one of the most fascinating features of religious architecture. Almost immediately, when we walk into a church with stained glass, our eyes are drawn to the beautiful colors back light by the sun. The elegant designs and hand-painted details in stained glass are so small and precise. And the artisans that create them labor over them for hours, working like surgeons to make sure that every line, shape, and hue is perfect. One can only imagine the skill and patience it takes to do something like that. Stained glass is unbelievably beautiful. But have you ever wondered where it came from? And how did it come to be such an important and common part of churches? In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of stained glass windows in churches and their purpose.
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